We are attempting to use this free application for security emergency notifications. We have 186 emails registered within National. One issue and major resistance from people joining is that the default mode has potential for more than 1200 notifications from all 17 neighborhoods in Pinehurst area.

Here is how to drastically limit notifications to emergency notifications only.

  1. Once logged in to Nextdoor go to bottom right and click MORE
  2. Click on SETTINGS
  3. Let’s go in order from top of page clicking on each:
    1. Account = allows you to deactivate account if want to
    2. Privacy = choose if you want just your street or actual address shown, also can check to limit recommendations
    3. Email Setting = set to NONE
    4. Mobile Notifications = disable all except URGENT ALERTS
    5. Nearby Neighborhoods = deselect each of the 17 shown, National will remain as the only one default

That is it. This will drastically reduce the number of notifications you get but will still allow you to receive EMERGENCY TEXT messages from NATIONAL Security.

For more detail you can contact your neighbors Molly Germond (phone: 206-898-7127 / email: or John Winfield (phone: 910-295-2022 / email: 

Peter Mamuzic

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