NPOA Annual General Meeting – 2015 Summary

2015 was a special year in the history of Pinehurst National.  For one thing, we actually got our name back.  Ironically when our community first came into existence our name was Pinehurst National.   For legal reasons we were subsequently obligated to remove the word Pinehurst.  Then, just one year ago after it was announced that Pinehurst Country Club had acquired the National Golf Club, we were allowed once again to call ourselves Pinehurst National.

As always when something of this magnitude occurs there are consequences – both intended and unintended.  That decision had – and continues to have – a significant impact on our neighborhood.  It seems that everywhere we turn we see beautiful new homes, new faces and – of course – more and more traffic.

But most importantly we are very excited to welcome a healthy influx of new neighbors and friends to our community.  On behalf of the entire board, WELCOME.  We look forward to getting to know you and become your friends.

I was quite fortunate that when i took over as president of the NPOA I learned very quickly just how well managed – and well-financed – the National community really is!  Previous Boards have done an outstanding job in so many respects.

I had 3 main areas that I wished to focus on in 2015:

  1. the resident experience
  2. obtaining clear title to certain properties  considered “common properties” that were not under NPOA ownership but which we were maintaining
  3. Clarification of the development of Ballybunion Court and Fortrose Circle – commonly known as the Ballybunion Project under the direction of TRI-CITY, INC

Let me spend just a few minutes on each area:

  1. The resident experience.

In only the last two years the number of new homes in our community has increased approximately 20%.  As of the end of the first quarter 2016 we do not seem to be showing any signs of slowing.  Now when we speak about any “community” it is paramount that the members of that community feel safe and secure.

And while it may at times appear that we are not doing enough to control traffic and speeders, it is always a major priority.  We have instructed our security staff to be diligent in cracking down on anyone – residents, visitors, vendors or contractors – exceeding the speed limit.  To this end we do use the radar gun on each shift.  We are also considering some other options including a portable radar with camera and an extra guard during the busy time between 8 and 9 in the morning.  So many folks are rushing to work, school and construction sites that the number of people exceeding the speed limit can be a bit alarming.

On this point I would point out that street safety requires everyone’s cooperation.  I know walkers and runners are fearful when cars speed or come too close but we need to realize that drivers also get annoyed when people on foot or walking a dog refuse to move over.  I personally ride a bike and believe strongly in the slogan – share the road!  Walkers and runners please walk and run against the direction of traffic.  Cyclists, please ride with traffic.

Another area that we feel will help with this resident experience lies in taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings.  As many of you have probably noticed Jonathan and his crew have just installed the first of what we hope to be 4 0r 5 rest areas with benches, small paths, shrubs and flowers.  The first area overlooks the 2nd teebox and Doon pond.  The cost is minimal but we feel the payoff will be tremendous.  If we were to amortize these “improved” areas over, say, 10 years it works out to about $.21 per lot!

If there are other opportunities to improve the “resident experience” or if anyone has other ideas, we welcome you input at any time

  1. Common properties

When Pinehurst National was first set up back in the 80’s a set of covenants and restrictions – the “DC&Rs” were written up to codify what we had.  Anyone who has read the DC&Rs is familiar with the term “common property”.  In fact, this term occurs more than 120 times throughout the documents.  These parcels of land include the fence areas, front and back gate areas, areas in cul-de-sacs and along National Drive leading up to the clubhouse.  During the time the NPOA was controlled by the developer these properties were kept up, grass and flowers planted, mowed, fertilized, bushes trimmed, wind debris cleared, etc.  However when the developer turned over the ownership and management of the NPOA to the residents in 2009 only a small handful of properties was turned over to us.  Despite this the NPOA, unwittingly and unknowingly, continued with the same maintenance.  I am happy to say that, as of September, 2015 all of the remaining “common properties” with one exception have been deeded to the NPOA.  In addition we received a payment from the developer to cover some of our costs associated with our upkeep over the years.

  1. Ballybunion project

As most residents are also no doubt aware, TRI-CITY, INC has announced plans to develop 29 homesites located on Ballybunion Court and Fortrose Circle.  For the golfers among you, it is roughly the property located along the north side of the 14th hole and the south side of the 18th hole.  This will be a high-quality project that ultimately will result in the construction of 29 new homes and a small, park-like area on three lots on Fortrose Circle.

I am most pleased to announce that the NPOA board and TRI-CITY, INC. have reached an agreement in principle to move forward with the plans submitted.  There will be time a bit later on to offer more details on these plans.  I can say that both the NPOA Board and the ARB are impressed with the amount of effort and the quality of these plans and we firmly believe they will only enhance the stature of the entire Pinehurst National community.

In summary, 2015 turned into a pretty good year for our community.  I continue to be impressed with the level of commitment and excitement that our neighbors bring to the table and look forward to another year serving on the Board.

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