NPOA Salute: Tom Krugel


Tom Krugel as Chairman of the NPOA Beautification Committee has worked tirelessly over the past several years on projects to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of our neighborhood.  Examples of this work would be the landscaped bench areas you find along National Drive for weary walkers to rest and take in the scenery.  Other projects that are less noticeable but critical for the neighborhood include curb and water drainage solutions to help mitigate water runoff onto our properties.  And this is where the Salute for a job well done is warranted.

On Saturday, July 1 we experienced an exceptionally severe thunder and rain storm which lasted for an hour or more – including a period of no power.  Tom and his wife Nan drove through the neighborhood during the most severe time of the storm clearing the storm drains from piling up debris blocking water flow thus preventing damage to our properties.  This work would normally have been done by our excellent NPOA grounds crew but the storm came late in the day after they had gone home.  So Tom recruited his wife and off they went clearing the drains of debris in the driving rain, going above and beyond his duties as Chair of the Beautification Committee and earning a Salute and debt of gratitude from the neighborhood.

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