2014 NPOA Board Members

Ray Kuntz President ray@schoolattorney.com
Rick Finnin Vice-President rickfinnin@gmail.com
Guy Spears Secretary guyspears@yahoo.com
Jim Blank Treasurer jamesb5864@aol.com
David Harper Board Member dharper5@nc.rr.com
Jack Maisano Board Member jackmaisano@gmail.com
Dennis Hyland Board Member dnhyland@nc.rr.com
Wanda Little Board Member wmlittle@nc.rr.com
Connie Harrison Board Member charrison@pinehurst.net
Twinkle Schaefer Administrative Assistant twinkle.thenpoa@gmail.com
Sal Picard Executive Director sal_picard@earthlink.net
Jonathan Van Boskerck Property Maintenance Manager vansfabrication@yahoo.com
George Phetteplace Director of Security georgep.thenpoa@gmail.com

An introduction to our new Board Members:

On March 21st, at the NPOA Annual Meeting, five individuals stood for election to the three open Board seats, viz., Jim Blank, Rick Finnin, Dennis Hyland, Jack Maisano and Guy Spears. Each candidate submitted a resume detailing their job history and qualifications for the position. Those resumes were distributed to everyone present at the Annual Meeting. The vote was fairly close; Jim, Guy and Rick were elected.

At its June 9th meeting, the Board accepted the resignations of Rick Knight and Stephanie Stokes in a resolution thanking them for their service. In a subsequent resolution, and after discussion over who would be appropriate replacements, the Board appointed Dennis Hyland and Jack Maisano to the vacant seats. Since Dennis and Jack had put themselves forward to run in the March election, they were the natural and unanimous choice to fill these two vacancies.  Dennis will serve until the next Annual Meeting (Rick Knight's seat) and Jack will serve for another year after that.

Dennis and Norma have lived in National for 7 years and in the Pinehurst area for 13 years. They are avid gardeners. He spent his entire career with publicly traded Harleysville Insurance Company, received executive leadership and management education at the Wharton School and retired as Senior Vice President of Operations. Dennis is serving on the Grounds and Beautification committee.

Jack and Tina first visited Pinehurst in the '80s, decided in the '90s to make National their home and finally, in 2010, built on the lot they earlier acquired, making a 20 year dream come true. Jack spent half his life in Asia before moving here, serving with companies such as Time Warner in Hong Kong and Dow Jones in New York. He served as President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong from 2005–2008, and he has served on numerous boards during his 25 year history as an editor and publisher. At National, Jack served on the Club's Operating Board and was its President in 2012. Jack is serving on the Technology and Communications committee.

Please help us welcome Dennis and Jack to their new and exciting responsibilities.

NPOA 7.15.14