The National Property Owners Association, Inc. (the “NPOA”) is a North Carolina not-for-profit corporation. It plays a central role in the life of the Pinehurst National #9 Golf Club community. It owns and maintains all common property, all the roads, including the borders and plantings, except the roads immediately adjacent to the Clubhouse which, along with the Golf Course, and the accompanying facilities and amenities, are owned by The PCC, Inc.,(the “Club”) a separate for-profit corporation.

The NPOA manages access to the community and provides security for the neighborhood. It owns and maintains the front gate (and operates the back gate), the landscaped and carefully maintained entrance to the Club, and the Security Cottage which houses the security staff and the NPOA’s office.

The NPOA Board of Directors overseas and appoints the Architectural Review Board (the “ARB”), a committee of the NPOA charged with the right and obligation to approve in advance all new construction and alterations, improvements, modifications, or changes to existing properties, including landscaping, to create a residential community of high-quality and harmonious improvements. It enforces compliance with community standards for continued proper maintenance and appearance of properties. In order to maintain a community of congenial residents who are financially responsible, and thus protect the value of the property, any owner intending to make a bona fide sale or lease of his unit, or any interest in it, must first offer to sell or lease the unit to the NPOA, on the same terms and conditions. The NPOA must exercise or waive its rights in this regard within 30 days.

To fulfill its obligations the NPOA employs a 24 hour a day seven days a week security staff, a maintenance and landscaping crew, a General Manager, a Chief of Security, and a Maintenance Supervisor. It leases vehicles and equipment to assist it in performing its functions.

There are nine members of the Board of Directors, who serve a term of three years, with three members elected each year by the property owners, who must be current with their dues and assessments, the NPOA’s chief source of revenue, in order to vote. The dues and assessments are levied at the beginning of the calendar year. In 2020, in total, dues are $1425.00 per Improved lot and $1130.00 for Unimproved lot

A more detailed picture of the NPOA’s purpose and responsibilities can be found in the “Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for the National Golf Club Development,” ( the “DCRs” ), the ARB’s “Building Guidelines for the National Golf Club”, the Rules & Regulations of the NPOA, Inc.,  and the “By-Laws of the National Property Owners Association, Inc.,”  which follow.