Here is the essence of living at Pinehurst National:

–“Aesthetically Pleasing.”
–“High Quality.”
–“House in The Woods.”
–“Golf Course Community.”
–“Environmental Living.”
–“Good Home, Good Neighbors.”
–“Safe Harbor.”

Creating a home at Pinehurst National is a privilege and a responsibility. It is a long-term pleasure and a significant financial commitment. Above are some of the “themes” that help us understand what our community is committed to.

To maintain that investment and those pleasures, the creators of Pinehurst National established a hierarchy of values:

* First, the environment. Endangered species – primarily, the red-cockaded woodpecker – must be protected. To do that, nearly half of all long leaf pine trees and all of the wetlands must be preserved. This is the law. Please accept it.

* Next, the community. We share a common area, and by design we share a common vision: a gracious Southern lifestyle enjoyed in a community of harmonious homes, all enjoying a beautiful natural environment among good neighbors.

* Third, your neighbors. Each lot is unique. So each of the houses must be unique as well. Your goal is to make your house and landscaping as attractive as it can be.

* Last and clearly not least are your individual building requirements. Besides managing your own utilities, landscaping and architecture, you must manage the water that may accumulate and flow from your property. Owners and contractors should be aware that the guidelines for building your home and managing water flow come at a price that you may not have initially taken into consideration.

It is the National Property Owners Association (NPOA), to which you belong along with your neighbors, and the Architectural Review Board (ARB), also comprised of your resident neighbors, that oversee these needs. You and your contractor are required to work through the ARB for construction and landscaping permissions at every step. Neighbors advising neighbors for the good of all – that’s how it has worked for nearly 30 years and will continue to work into the future. Main considerations:

1. Water and water flow from your property.
2. Trees and how to preserve them.
3. Protecting the wetlands and natural Sandhills environment.
4. Working graciously with your neighbors and the ARB.

As the community grows and changes, construction needs change. Each lot is unique; so are the construction challenges and solutions for each lot. There have been and will continue to be variations, and approvals at one site do not create a precedent for others.

The National Property Owners Association and the Architectural Review Board are committed to preserving Pinehurst National as an environmental safe harbor for your house in the woods, and that of your neighbors. Please work with us to ensure our lifestyle and our financial investments continue to be positive for everyone.

NPOA/ARB/12-5-16. Ref. National DCRs, Building Guidelines

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